Blue Jay Surveys
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The Blue Jay Surveys Panel is an Australian, strictly online, research only panel. Membership is by invitation only, where we invite Australian residents to become a member. We are based in Sydney, NSW.

As a member, you will be invited from time to time to participate in studies about you, your habits, your opinions, the services you use, the products you use or to give your opinion on new ideas or concepts as well as other topics.

Our aim is to build a community that can help shape products as well as help better understand the issues that the Australians face.

As a member, you will receive an incentive reward for every study you qualify for and complete a survey. Members that complete a survey and those that attempt a study but don’t qualify on that occasion will also receive an entry in our $2,000 biannual prize draw.

Every invitation to a study you receive will include:

  • The average length of the survey (please note that in some cases the length changes based on some answers as additional questions may be asked)
  • The incentive reward for qualifying and completing the survey
  • Every member that participates in any study will receive an entry in our $2,000 biannual prize draw both for qualifying and completing the survey as well as not qualifying.

Blue Jay Surveys will never try to sell you any product, will never ask for your password (other than at log in stage) and will never ask for any payments under any circumstances. Blue Jay Surveys only conducts market and social research in the form of online surveys and very rarely may ask you to participate in further research over the phone or in person.

Blue Jay Surveys is owned and operated by Quality Online Research Pty Ltd (ABN 85 144 762 596), which an AMSRO member and abides by the AMSRO Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code 2014 and the AMSRS code of conduct.

A note about privacy
Blue Jay Surveys will never share with any 3rd parties any identifying details. We will never share or sell your details with any other company. You can read our complete privacy policy here. Please feel free to visit our incentive policy here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I join Blue Jay Surveys?
    • Blue Jay Surveys is an invitation only market research panel
  • What rewards can I earn for participating in market research surveys?
    • Blue Jay Surveys rewards members with monetary incentives for completing survey projects, as well as prize draw entries into a biannual prize draw for participation, even if a member doesn't qualify for a survey they attempt to participate in.
  • How much are the incentives for completing surveys?
    • Incentives average at $1 per 6-8 minutes based on the total length of the survey as well as the complexity and the topic.
  • How are the rewards paid to me?
    • Once your account balance reaches $30, you can redeem your rewards as either a PayPal payment or a Flexi eGift card that can be converted into eGift cards from many suppliers (see What is a Flexi eGift Card? for more information).

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