Blue Jay Surveys Incentive Policy

Blue Jay Surveys’ Panel members are rewarded in 2 ways:

1. Blue Jay Surveys $2,000 Prize draw

All members will be given one entry in our biannual $2,000 draw for taking part in any of our surveys.
If you do not qualify for a project or if we have reached the required number of surveys for a project, as long as you click to start the survey within the dates specified in your email and reach the ‘submit’ page of the survey, you will receive one entry in our biannual $2,000 prize draw. Prizes won can be claimed in the form of a transfer to your PayPal account or a Blue Jay Surveys Flexi eGift Card.

For more information regarding the Terms and Conditions of our prize draw, please click Terms and Conditions in your member profile.

2 .Incentive Reward

As a Blue Jay Surveys member, the member will receive an incentive reward amount added to their balance for every successfully completed survey. This is in addition to the prize draw entry the member will also receive.

The amount credited to the member’s balance will vary for each project depending on complexity of the survey, time required to complete the survey and any additional tasks that may be involved. As a general rule incentives start at $1 for a few minutes to $10 for a much longer survey. Occasionally there may be special circumstances where the Incentive Reward can be as high as $25, $50 or higher dependant on any special tasks required such as a short diary and so on.

Incentive Rewards can be claimed in the form of a transfer to your PayPal account or a Blue Jay Surveys Flexi eGift Card.

Incentive Rewards can only be claimed in the following amounts, $30, $50, $100, $200, $500 and $1000. Your Incentive Reward balance must have a minimum balance of $30.00 for an Incentive Reward to be claimed.
Incentive Reward claims must be requested by 11.59pm (AEST) on the 10th of the month. They will begin processing within 5 business days from the 11th of the month.

Redemption of Incentive Rewards

  • To redeem Incentive Rewards, a member must login in and visit the Rewards page in their Blue Jays Surveys Account and select from the redemption choices available
  • The value of the redemption cannot exceed the Incentive Reward balance in the member’s account. The member may select a lesser value with the balance remaining in your account for future use. The member will not be able to redeem if there is an insufficient balance.
  • Incentive Rewards have no cash value
  • Blue Jay Surveys will not exchange, reimburse Incentive rewards or extend the period of validity or re-issue redemption offers. The member must take note of expiration/validity dates and ensure the selected redemption option is redeemed prior to its expiry date. Once redeemed your redemption option may not be returned or refunded.
  • Blue Jay Surveys will not be responsible for any loss, damage or theft of redemption options once they have been redeemed through the Rewards page.
  • Blue Jay Surveys reserves the right to change, add or remove redemption options available on the Rewards page at its discretion and without notification to you.
  • The member will need to claim your Incentive Rewards prior to terminating your account. Termination of your account will result in the forfeiture of any remaining reward balance.
  • Blue Jay Surveys redemption options are subject to a processing period before they are delivered to the member. The member is responsible for taking note of the processing period, delivery method and validity period of their selected reward option.
  • The member may be asked to produce a copy of a government photographic proof of identification document to assist in reducing fraud. If the member is unable to provide a suitable valid id to Blue Jay Surveys satisfaction, they may not be able to redeem their Incentive Reward.

Blue Jay Surveys Flexi eGift Cards

Blue Jay Surveys Flexi eGift Cards are subject to the terms and conditions (policies, redemptions, expirations dates) established by the issuing retailer and are subject to change. Certain retailers and/or denominations may be unavailable.

Expiration of Incentive Reward balance

The Incentive Reward balance of the members account will never expire as long as they are an active member of the Blue Jays Surveys Panel and as long as the Incentive Reward program remains in effect. Blue Jay Surveys may close the members account if it is inactive for a period of 12 months. The member will forfeit the Incentive Reward balance if their account is closed due to inactivity.

Dispute resolution
Fair and equitable treatment of all panel members is important to us and our incentive process strives to achieve this. If the member has any queries about incentives owed to them or other concerns or disputes relating to our incentive policy, please email us at If the member is inquiring about a PayPal transfer or Blue Jay Surveys Flexi eGift Card owed to them, we will need to verify your personal details and confirm with our Finance Department that the cheque or money has not been presented (cashed). We appreciate the member’s patience on this. 

Continual Improvement
This incentive policy statement outlines Blue Jay Surveys’ commitment to meet industry standards. The policy may be reviewed and amended as part of the continual improvement process of Blue Jay Surveys’ Quality Control.

Thank you
Blue Jay Surveys Team